Chairman Montilla Swears-in new Members to the Dominican American Council of Reading, PA

Members of the National Dominican American Council (NDAC) in the City of Reading, Pennsylvania.

Washington, DC.– On Saturday, May 6, 2017, Chairman Nestor Montilla, Sr. sworn-in new members to the National Dominican American Council (NDAC) in Reading, PA.

Delfin Vasquez, President of NDAC in the State of Pennsylvania, opened the meeting with a brief historic account about how the first local Dominican American Council was formed in the City of Reading many years ago.

“We are happy to welcome Dr. Maria Teresa Montilla and Mr. Chairman Nestor Montilla, Sr. to the City of Reading, Pennsylvania, the place where they founded the first local Dominican American Council many years ago,” said Vasquez. “We have convened members of the Dominican Association of Pennsylvania (DAP), and local leaders to reaffirm our commitment to advocate for our diverse communities and refocus our local and regional agenda.”

New members present pledged to continue to fight and advocate for the socio-economic and political advancement of their  communities.

Chairman Nestor Montilla, Sr. administering the oath of office to members of NDAC in Reading, PA.

Chairman Montilla presented a recognition to Delfin Vasquez for his leadership and dedication to the advancement of U.S. communities. He accepted the recognition and dedicated the award to all members of the Dominican Association of Pennsylvania.

“Today my heart was filled with pride and joy to see my father receive a prestigious award of recognition from the National Dominican American Council of the Dominican American National Roundtable (DANR),” said Delfin Vasquez’s daughter Patricia Vasquez. “He received an excellence award for his Community leadership and was designated as statewide President of the National Dominican American Council in PA. With much humbleness he shared his award with the Board of directors of The Dominican Association of Pennsylvania (DAP).”
“Hoy me llene de regocijo al ver a mi padre recibir tan especial reconocimiento del Concilio Nacional Dominico Americano de la Mesa Redonda Dominico Americana (DNAR)”, dijo Patricia Vasquez hija de Delfin Vasquez. “Es un premio a la excelencia por su liderazgo comunitario; mas su nueva designacion como presidente del Concilio de todo el estado de Pensilvania. Dicho premio lo recibio con mucha humilda y dedico a los dirigentes de la Associacion Dominicana de Pensilvania (DAP)”.

From left, Delfin Vasquez, his daughter Patricia Vasquez, Dr. Maria Teresa Montilla and Chairman Nestor Montilla, Sr.
Chairman Nestor Montilla, Sr. presenting recognition award to Delfin Vasquez, member of NDAC Board of Directors representing the State of Pennsylvania.

The National Dominican American Council (NDAC) is a civic-community-engagement and public relations entity composed of local and regional member councils in the United States and territories, including Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands, with the role of setting the national agenda and working jointly with entities and leaders advocating for socio-economic and political enfranchisement in areas concerning education, economic development, health, immigration and community empowerment.