LLA-PAC and NDAC Announce Today a Major Endorsements of Flavio Rivera for Councilman at-Large and Alex Mendez for Mayor of Paterson

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LLA-PAC and NDAC Announce Today a Major Endorsements of Flavio Rivera for Councilman at-Large and Alex Mendez for Mayor of Paterson

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Paterson, NJ—Today, Saturday, April 21, 2018, the Political Action Committee of the Latino Leadership Alliance of New Jersey (LLA-PAC) and the National Dominican American Council (NDAC) announced a major endorsement of Alex Mendez for Mayor of Paterson, the third most populous city of New Jersey.


The endorsement carries significant weight in the May 8th municipal election, as the NDAC and LLA-PAC backing are two sought after endorsements.

Albert Anton, an Officer of the LLA-PAC, presented the endorsement by saying:

“On behalf of the LLA Political Action Committee, I stand before you to present our endorsement of two leaders: Mr. Flavio Rivera for Councilmember-at-large, and Mr. Alex Mendez in his bid to become the next Mayor of the great City of Paterson.  On Sunday, February 11, 2018 they submitted to a rigorous interview, as did all the candidates seeking our endorsement. Mr. Rivera impressed us as a young, energetic and capable leader, who will take the business of administering the city of Paterson seriously and efficiently. His current service as a commissioner in the Paterson Board of Education is a testament to his abilities and commitment.

Mr. Alex Mendez impressed us as a true leader, a businessman whose commitment has always being to selflessly serve others. He came across as a mature public servant with valuable experience in municipal government, where he has served as a councilmember-at-large, as well as in the governing of the Paterson board of education where, as a commissioner, he spearheaded valuable initiatives with lasting effect in the educational development of our children. In both instances, his dedication and charisma as a candidate rendered him one of the top vote getter candidates in the history of the city.

Our review of Mr. Mendez’ campaign practices revealed that he’s up before sunrise and goes way after sunset, every day, interacting with voters, with Patersonians, not only during campaign season, but on a regular basis. His campaign emphasis hasn’t been on fundraising, as it is for most candidates, but rather on talking and listening to the concerns of voters. Mr. Mendez sacrificed his business to dedicate himself to serve his city. His character, passion for the city, and dedication have earned him the respect of voters and most conscientious people.

For these and many other reasons, we decided to endorse him as the next Mayor of Paterson. We believe he’s capable. We believe he is a good listener and has genuine interest in fighting for you, and for Paterson, regardless of the sacrifices involved for him and his family,” concluded Anton.

Leodany Inojosa, President of the National Dominican American Council, traveled from Puerto Rico to New Jersey for the occasion. Wearing an impeccable navy-blue business suit, he stood on the steps of Paterson City Hall, took a breath, scanned the audience and then presented his organization endorsement to Mr. Mendez.

“On behalf of the National Dominican American Council, I am very pleased to present our support to Mr. Flavio Rivera and Mr. Alex Mendez, our preferred candidate for Mayor of Paterson. We spent significant amount of time researching Mr. Rivera and Mr. Mendez and all of the candidates we interviewed for the purpose of endorsement. For each one of them we produced individual dossiers. We evaluated every case objectively by applying a set of guiding principles. Mr. Rivera impressed us as a young visionary leader who is pragmatic and capable. He will excel in his role as an elected official for his character  build out of strong family values. In his role as Commissioner of the Board of Education of Paterson he has already demonstrated his capacity and commitment to fight for the socio-economic development of Paterson and its residents. This is why we wholeheartedly support him, Flavio Rivera for councilman at-large in the city of Paterson.

After serious consideration of the many interviewees seeking our endorsement, a handful emerged as bona fide leaders, truly sincere and committed to the actual causes of our cities’ diverse communities. Mr. Mendez stood out among them. We concluded that he has the experience, gumption and resolve to advance the interests of the residents of Paterson. By all measures, no other candidate in this campaign compares to Alex Mendez. Therefore, we frankly decided to throw our support for Alex Mendez, the next Mayor of the great City of Paterson.”

In addressing the audience, LLANJ President Dr. Maria Teresa Montilla said:

“LLA-PAC endorses candidates who are committed to work with the Latino Leadership Alliance on issues impacting Latinos in New Jersey and across the United States. We do not support or endorse candidates based on their fundraising abilities, party affiliation, ethnicity, gender, nationality or religious beliefs, but rather on issues, on trust, and their track records showing they are indeed doing their best for the people they have represented or would like to represent. We also take into serious consideration their record in promoting and bringing fairness, respect and inclusion in all areas of the nation’s governmental and educational endeavors. On a personal note, it is my pleasure to express my support to Alex Mendez for Mayor of Paterson. He has my trust, respect and best wishes for what I know will be a successful administration. I’m at his disposition for any assistance he may require of me. Please join me in welcoming the next Mayor of Paterson… Mr. Alex Mendez.”

As Governor Phil Murphy did when receiving LLA-PAC’ support, Mendez came to the podium and gave a torrent of thanks to the leaders of both organizations:

“I am extremely humbled and honored for these significant endorsements coming from organizations that represent Paterson and all corners of New Jersey diverse communities. I dedicate these endorsements to all voters as I am sure they will appreciate the support as a testament of my unwavering leadership and dedication for a better Paterson for all,” said Mendez with teary eyes.

 “I would like to thank Madam President Dr. Maria Teresa Montilla and her husband Nestor Montilla, Sr. for their strong leadership and guidance to me, my campaign and our communities locally and around the United States. I would like to also thank the members of the Political Action Committee of the Latino Leadership Alliance, and the President of the National Dominican American Council, Leodany Inojosa and his leadership team for endorsing me. These respectable organizations and leaders came together to endorse me because they believe I can provide the leadership the City of Paterson needs now. And I sincerely promise I will. I will be the mayor whose decisions will be based on positioning Paterson on the path towards public safety and sustainable socio-economic development. I have pledged to be the mayor committed to, once and for all, make Paterson a place where we all can live in peace and safe in our own homes, in the streets, in schools, in our jobs and public spaces; I can’t wait to be the next mayor to continue working hard towards turning my Paterson into a place where we can raise our families and freely contribute to a better quality of life and the betterment and advancement of us all, regardless of our differences and social condition.

 Thank you…thank you from the bottom of my heart for these significant endorsements.”

About LLA-PAC: The LLANJ-PAC is the Political Action Committee of The Latino Leadership Alliance of New Jersey, the oldest, largest and only statewide non-partisan non-profit entity composed of local, regional and state organizations, Latino leaders and professionals advocating for the socio-economic and political development of Latino diverse communities. 402 Livingston Avenue · New Brunswick, NJ 08901 Telephone (732) 214-1166 and Fax (732) 846-6667 www.llanj.org – llanj@mail.com

About NDAC: The National Dominican American Council is a 501 (c) (4) political advocacy organization promoting prosperity and advocating for socio-economic and political advancement in the United States of America and its territories, including Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. www.ndac-us.orgndaccouoncil@mail.com