LLA-PAC & NDAC Announce Today Endorsement of US Veteran Paul Perez for Mayor of Trenton

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 LLA-PAC & NDAC Announce Today Endorsement of US Veteran Paul Perez for Mayor of Trenton

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MUST Watch video with introductions by National Civil Rights Leader Martin Perez, Esq.,

Founder President of The Latino Leadership Alliance (LLANJ)


Trenton, NJ—In the late afternoon of Saturday, April 21, 2018, the Political Action Committee of the Latino Leadership Alliance of New Jersey (LLA-PAC) and the National Dominican American Council (NDAC) announced a major endorsement of U.S. Veteran Paul Perez for Mayor of Trenton.

NDAC President Leodany Inojosa, who traveled from Puerto Rico to New Jersey for the occasion, endorsed Perez on behalf of his organization. “On behalf of the National Dominican American Council, I am very proud to present our support to Paul Perez and his candidacy for Mayor of Trenton. Without any reservation, we firmly and resolutely support Perez because he has not only earned our trust, but also because with his actions, he has proven to be the right man to run Trenton at this time. His forte as a leader has always been to stay the course and remain focused on his intended destination regardless of how bumpy the road was; he never abandons sheep, never gives up, never gives in, even when the fight seems challenging or unsurmountable. Perez will put Trentonians and the city first, while driving out of town corrupt special interests and crooked politicians working in cahoots to defraud the people.”


“I stand before you to present our endorsement of Paul Perez for Mayor of Trenton,” announced exhilaratingly LLANJ President Dr. Maria Teresa Montilla speaking on behalf of the Latino Leadership Alliance’s Political Action Committee. “Last month, Perez submitted to a rigorous interview by LLA-PAC and NDAC seeking our endorsement. He impressed us as an energetic and seasoned leader, who will take the business of administering the city of Trenton responsibly and efficiently. He is passionate about restoring the city by tackling high crime rates, soaring garbage, abandoned properties and rampant decline. We decided to endorse him unanimously because we believe in his pledge to rescue the city of Trenton from its current state of disrepair, mismanagement, lack of economic development and safety. We believe in his socio-economic development plan because he is a compassionate man with genuine interest in fighting for all the people, regardless of the sacrifices involved for him and his family.”


LLANJ President Montilla explains that “LLA-PAC only endorses candidates who are committed to work with the Latino Leadership Alliance on issues impacting New Jersey diverse communities. We do not support or endorse candidates based on their campaign fundraising abilities, party affiliation, ethnicity, gender, nationality or religious beliefs, but rather on issues, on trust, and their track records showing they are indeed doing their best for the people they have represented or would like to represent. We also take into serious consideration their record in promoting and bringing fairness, respect and inclusion in all areas of the nation’s governmental and educational endeavors.”


About LLA-PAC: The LLANJ-PAC is the Political Action Committee of The Latino Leadership Alliance of New Jersey, the oldest, largest and only statewide non-partisan non-profit entity composed of local, regional and state organizations, Latino leaders and professionals advocating for the socio-economic and political development of Latino diverse communities. 402 Livingston Avenue · New Brunswick, NJ 08901 Telephone (732) 214-1166 and Fax (732) 846-6667 www.llanj.orgllanj@mail.com                                                                                                                                

About NDAC: The National Dominican American Council is a 501 (c) (4) political advocacy organization promoting prosperity and advocating for socio-economic and political advancement in the United States of America and its territories, including Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. www.ndac-us.orgndaccouoncil@mail.com